Democracy in danger, said Opposition?

BY:- Dr. V.K.Singh

Democracy in danger: These days, from the UP Legislative Assembly to the Parliament of India, the opposition has only one issue, that is democracy is in danger. Of course, democracy is in danger because a particular community has the right to throw stones on public and, even the state too, that is his democratic rights. Because of throwing stones on non Islamic community is identity of healthy democracy.

Democracy in danger

Democracy in danger: Getting religion forcefully conversion it’s fundamental rights but, Under the policy of zero tolerance, the UP government is demolishing the property of mafias which is intolerable for their maintainers. This has probably never happened in the history of Indian politics and will never happen in the future. Those doing politics of nepotism, familyism and appeasement are unable to understand the actions of the present UP government.

Democracy in danger, said Opposition
Democracy in danger, said Opposition

Now I explain very clearly about those who call themselves socialists while socialism has never even touched them and yet if seen they are beyond the point of view of socialism. Actually, they are not mistaken, because some people are in politics by inheritance,

so they think that family means socialism. Come see Akhilesh Yadav was the Chief Minister in the former SP government and his real uncle Mr. Shivpal Singh Yadav was the PWD minister and another uncle Professor Ram Gopal was the MP, Akhilesh Yadav’s wife Dimple Yadav was also the MP and many other brothers,

nephews and, some casteism Under the constitutional post were occupied. Now let me clarify was it socialism or something else? Now the readers and voters of the state can understand better what it was?
The main objective of all previous governments was to give protection to land mafia and goons so that they can win elections by booth capturing or gun threat.

Wow, what was socialism?

Democracy in danger: Now the issue of democracy in danger is also clear that giving hate speech and inciting people which can destroy social harmony is their fundamental right because article 19 of Indian constitution empowers them to do anything but they never Read it carefully. Article 19 of the Indian Constitution provides that every citizen of India has the right of speech and expression, but it does not give such a right to anyone who is dangerous to the sovereignty of India, fraternity in danger.

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Democracy in danger: You can form unions, you can protest against the government but, no one has the right to destroy state property because Article 19 of the Indian Constitution empowers the state to take action against such people. In this way, whatever the UP government is doing against the goons and mafias, in fact they are entitled to the same and this is called the legal action taken by the government.

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Democracy in danger: But. It is the misfortune of us Indians that people who earn money by working hard day and night, have two children each, pay taxes honestly and on the other hand, those who have dozens of children, get subsidy from the government. Such acts are known for a healthy democracy in India. If. This is democracy, I have a problem with this kind of democracy and I strongly condemn it

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