National flag in hand of terrorist’s brother?

BY:- Dr. V.K.Singh (Sr. Journalist)

National flag: However, change is the law of nature and yet history is also defined under the circumstances of the times. Brother of a terrorist in Jammu and Kashmir hoisted the national flag at Lal Chowk Sri Nagar on the auspicious occasion of Indian Independence Day. Surely, this is a great sign of a changing India and, a tight slap on the face of those who are said to be chowkidar chor.

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National flag

National flag
National flag in hand of terrorist’s brother?

Let us reminisce those days when the paradise on earth Kashmir Valley was burning with the rumble of bullets and bombs, but now life is slowly returning there. All this could happen only when Article 370, which made it a special state, was removed from Jammu and Kashmir.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi

Prime Minister Narendra Modi did nothing else, but he did what a Prime Minister should do. There should be political will as well as determination to do anything, yet some fools of India and the opposition are crying that the country has been sold.

Never mind, I never say that BJP government is 100% clean and all the leaders coming from BJP are spotless and milk washed. No one is perfect, but no one is dishonest.

BJP government

National flag: According to a report by ADR 2019, nearly 50 per cent of MPs have a criminal record and some of them have been convicted for the same. The image of the country will change but it takes time and I feel that change is coming. No doubt, it is our misfortune that Indian jails are full of poor illiterate innocent people who have never committed any crime yet they are being forced to rot in jails for years. It is simply because our judicial system has collapsed and is so sluggish that it takes years to decide who is right and who is wrong.

our democratic system

National flag
National flag in hand of terrorist’s brother?

National flag: Surely to imagine justice at the behest of such a collapsed system is to deceive oneself, otherwise nothing. Many years have passed since we got freedom from the British, but the condition of the innocents languishing in the jails never changed and even they never got justice as they cannot advocate for them. In our democratic system,

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it is generally seen that a person who is economically, politically and socially distinguished, commits crime to become a gang leader and when he gets success in establishing an empire on the crime world, he becomes very Ahmed becomes an MP as Mukhtar Ansari. There are many more people like him in our society. Probably, the present central government is trying its best to change the judicial system, for which it will be a concrete initiative of the government to replace the old IPC, CrPC and IEA with the new system.

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