Democracy in danger?

Democracy in danger, said Opposition

Democracy in danger?


Democracy:Those who throw stones at army, police, public and media are misguided youth,

the government which treats these stone pelting youth is unconstitutional and all the political parties who support infiltration and infiltration are patriots.


The common citizen of the country who follows the law and constitution of this country and every person who opposes the so-called misguided youth is a traitor.
The police officers and jawans killed in the recent communal violence in Mewat and the civilians who were killed really deserved it because Mewat consists of almost 30% Rohingya Muslims who entered India without any valid visa or passport.

Democracy in danger, said Opposition
Democracy in danger, said Opposition

The then governments supported and welcomed them considering them as vote bank because India is the home of every infiltrator.
Now, in such a situation, Union Home Minister Amit Shah is planning to drive out the infiltrators, so this is the audacity of Amit Shah and the BJP-ruled government in Haryana. Really,

as soon as possible, such a government should be uprooted from the road to the Parliament. The country was running on a very old pattern that, in 2014, the BJP came to power and spoiled the healthy and free democracy of the country.
What is the need to make efforts to bring and implement Uniform Civil Code? When about 100 crore fools out of 140 crore population of the country, :Democracy

to save the country and the constitution, we are following the principle of two of ours and are also paying taxes to the government according to their status, then the vote bank of the opposition parties is given to the infiltrators. It becomes the moral responsibility of the government to give them subsidy and protection.
But, the BJP-ruled central and state governments are “reneging on their own promises” by saying that they are planning to drive out the infiltrators from the country.

The main agenda of BJP is, Sabka Saath, and Sabka Vikas whereas, on the other hand, the government has put free and healthy democracy in danger by running bulldozers on the houses of Rohgis and stone pelters.:Democracy
Now who will want to bring back such a government again in 2024, the people of the country will decide on their own.
By the way, it would have been better that, like the previous governments, there should have been only talk of removing Article 370 from Jammu and Kashmir, it is wrong to remove Article 370, what happened that the military children of the laborers and laborers of the country got slapped by the youth who

strayed on the border Were living, and neighboring countries were falling prey to the bullets of terrorists supported by Pakistan, really the government has committed a big crime by removing 370.

Democracy in danger, said Opposition?

The list of crimes perpetrated by the government goes on when the government, by enacting a law on triple talaq from the Muslim community living within the country, put Islam in danger and, perhaps, hurt Muslim religious sentiments.

And not only this, at the behest of the Government of India, the country’s army responded to the Uri attack by conducting a surgical strike and, in return for the Pulwama attack, the country’s army to strike Balakot,

many eminent political personalities and political parties of the country felt bad. Is thought. And for all these types of crimes, only and only, the central BJP government is responsible, because even today there are such leaders in our country who want to keep their own army and police weak,

which, perhaps, when in the center As long as Modi and Yogi are in UP, it is not possible. Now what should be the treatment of such opposition, the people of the country and the state should decide for themselves.

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